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How to Sleep without Sleeping Pills

Added: November 7th, 2013     Category: Tips and Tricks

Are you dependent on prescription sleeping pills? While this might help you attain the slumber that somehow eludes you, taking these drugs for a prolonged period of time can have dire consequences on your health. If you want to finally be able to sleep on your own – without the aid of medications – then [...]

The New Parents’ Guide to Sleeping

Added: November 7th, 2013     Category: Tips and Tricks

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! While you might be ecstatic with the new addition to your family, you need to be prepared with the many consequences ahead, including lack of sleep. With a newborn around the house, you can expect to wake up at the wee hours of the morning just to feed [...]

The Traveler’s Guide to Sleeping in Airports

Added: November 7th, 2013     Category: Consumer Information

Do you fly often because of work or recreation? If you spend most of your time in airports, then you probably know how important it is to get some shut-eye before you shuffle off to your next destination. Fortunately, there are airports that are very conducive to travelers who need some forty winks in between [...]

Oversleeping: What Happens When You Get Too Much Shut-Eye

Added: November 6th, 2013     Category: Consumer Information

  Scrimping on sleep has bad effects on the health, such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. But did you know that too much of it can have dire effects on your well-being as well? Before you try to make up for your lost sleep time, it is best if you learned more about its [...]

The World’s Most Expensive Mattresses

Added: November 6th, 2013     Category: Consumer Information

Some people consider a $500-dollar mattress purchase as a splurge, but did you know that there are people who are willing to spend thousands of dollars for a worthy bed? For these individuals, sleep is so precious that they are willing to spend their life savings on it. Hoping to duplicate this feat when you get to [...]

What You Need to Know About Co-Sleeping

Added: November 6th, 2013     Category: Consumer Information

Co-sleeping, which is the common practice of parents sleeping with their infant, is applied in many countries throughout the world. While this custom is prevalent innumerous regions, some are against co-sleeping because of a number of reasons. Whether or not you want to push through with this tradition, it is important for you as a [...]

Five Weird Sleeping Disorders

Added: September 26th, 2013     Category: Consumer Information

  Sleep is a weird fact in itself, but did you know there are different peculiar syndromes that affect us only in slumber? Don’t be surprised if your partner or housemate acts up all weird and rowdy during his downtime. He or she might be suffering from these weird sleeping disorders. 1) Non-24 Hour Sleep-Wake [...]

How Sleeping Patterns Differ

Added: September 26th, 2013     Category: Consumer Information

  The way people sleep is largely influenced by culture, location in the planet, time, and a host of local conditions. See if a particular pattern shows your own snooze mode. 1) Artificial light has generally reduced the sleeping hours by at least one hour. Even within a particular culture and locality, sleep pattern has [...]

Bugged by Bed Bugs? Here’s What You Can Do!

Added: September 26th, 2013     Category: Uncategorized

Beds are for deep and nurturing sleep. But if you had been tossing around lately, take time to find out what’s bugging you. Cross your fingers that it’s not the bed bugs. They are responsible for sleepless nights, irritable mood, and unsophisticated scratching of your rear. Thanks to a variety of pesticides, these minute insects [...]

Questions to Ask When Buying Sofa Beds

Added: September 26th, 2013     Category: Tips and Tricks

Even in urban dwellings, a guest room is always an indispensable part of the house. It usually doubles as office, workshop, storage, or playroom, for the reason that it is seldom used as a sleeping quarter. Trying to squeeze in a regular bed, then, becomes a tricky thing. That’s when you thank the original designer [...]