Bunk Beds

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When living spaces are at a premium, bunk beds are a great solution. By its use of vertical space, a bunk bed leaves precious floor area free for other items and furniture. Although bunk beds are certainly popular for children’s bedrooms, you will be surprised to learn that we also carry bunk beds in elegant styles, making it suitable for adults who simply want to maximize the use of bedroom space. The typical bunk bed consists of two beds stacked on top of each other, with access to the top bunk made easier by a ladder or a series of strategic footholds. However, there are certainly variations on this basic bunk design, such as bunk beds that can be disassembled and used side by side (perfect for children who are yet too young for top bunks), or bunks that can be configured like trundle beds or pseudo-lofts. Like most bed frames, wood and metal are two popular materials used. These allow various finishes and colors to be incorporated in the design, which makes them a good fit no matter what your interior bedroom scheme may be.
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