Guest Beds

Guest Beds | Next Day or Select a Day Delivery Available!

Guest beds may be perceived as an afterthought when it comes to bed shopping, if only because guest beds are often infrequently used in most homes. And yet, when you think about it, the rules of hospitality demand that you offer a pleasant night’s rest when entertaining guests. If you have ever tried sleeping in a pullout sofa or a Murphy bed, you have likely woken up in the morning feeling all achy and more tired than you were the night before. This is because most guest beds are too flimsy to offer good back support and accommodation. Luckily, we carry a range of guest beds which are reasonably priced to give you good value for your money so you no longer have to choose between comfort and your budget. We offer you durable guest beds that are sturdy and durable enough to withstand more than occasional use. Our guest bed models will give you years and years of service, and a great sleeping experience to boot.
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