Luxury Mattresses

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Luxury mattresses are usually synonymous with premium mattress offerings—and they are generally offered at higher price points than conventional models. However, consumers who are unwilling to settle for nothing but the best believe that luxury mattresses are a worthy investment, both for reasons of indulgence and for health. Most luxury mattresses are handmade. The painstaking craftsmanship which goes into every detail results in a product that offers the most decadent sleeping experience. The materials used in handcrafted luxury mattresses are definitely superior to the norm, such as wool, flax, and even cashmere for the fillings. Springs are individually hand-tied, and the mattress covers are hand-stitched down to the last inch. Some major manufacturers also offer bespoke luxury mattresses that are customized according to your needs. You can order mattresses made for irregularly-shaped bedframes (round, oval, square, etc.).
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