Open Coil Mattresses

Open Coil Mattresses | Next Day or Select a Day Delivery Available!

The open coil mattress has been around for decades, and despite the introduction of newer construction types, it has managed to retain its popularity. One of the reasons for this is the price point: open coil mattresses are reasonably priced, making it a good entry level option. Open coil mattresses get most of its support from the metal coils which run from one end of the mattress to the other. Lateral motion transfer is achieved by having the coils run from head to foot, as opposed to side by side. The narrower the spaces between the open coils, the more durable and firmer the mattress can be. The construction of the open coil mattress may be fairly simple, but it still delivers. A well-made open coil mattress will have layers of latex foam to cushion the springs. The covers will be strongly stitched to better weather normal wear and tear. Open coil mattresses are also good choices for guest beds, which may only get occasional use. With the proper care and treatment, your open coil mattresses can provide you with years of service.
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